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Teens on Facebook

  • anonymous Asks ...

    My 13 year old daughter forgot to log out of her facebook account and when I got on the computer I couldn’t help myself but take a look. I know it was an invasion of her privacy but I just did it anyway. I know that 13 year olds are way too grown up these days but I was shocked at the stuff these kids were talking about, about marijuana and drinking and sex and posting provocative pictures. My daughter had posted some shots of herself in her bedroom that were obviously supposed to be sexy shots of her in her underwear. It is very hard to see this.

    I have not told her that I snooped through her account but I am very worried about this. Is this normal behavior for a 13 year old girl? What should I do about this?

  • Rachel Starck Says ...
    Rachel Starck

    Dear Parent,

    While your daughters participation on facebook it is not unheard of at her age, it certainly is of concern given the dynamics of facebook, and the internet in general.  I would seek a local counselor who specializes in adolescent/family issues to talk to about this.  Without knowing much about your relationship with your daughter, previous boundaries you have set regarding her computer and internet use, her peer relationships, family dynamics and such, I can not tell you what you should do, aside from that is is of concern, and I recommend that you get a professional counselor to help guide you through this and other issues on the horizon as you raise your daughter.

    Best wishes,

    Rachel Starck LPC


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