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Teen son drinking at home. Is it OK?

  • anonymous Asks ...

    Should I let my son (he is 17) and his friends drink beers at home, under supervision?

    I know that it is against the law but where we live all the kids are out drinking and carrying on on the weekends and at least if I let him and friends drink where I can keep an eye on them I’ll know they aren’t out on the roads drunk or getting in any other kinds of trouble.

  • David Johnson Says ...
    David  Johnson

    No. Put aside the risk you take that could put you in prison for years should something go wrong. Teaching your son and his friends that some laws can be ignored, that under-aged drinking is OK, carries with it profound messages to him and his friends that will affect them for years to come. Especially at such a young age, you cannot predict what the outcome will be. This is simply too risky. I think it would be wise to take a serious look at your own drinking and attitudes about it and what you may have already communicated to your son. 

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