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A Drug Dealing Dad

  • anonymous Asks ...

    My dad is always drunk and he uses a lot of drugs. Now he sells drugs in our house. I hate him so much but my mom won't kick him out and now I think she is using drugs also. If I call the police and tell them where he keeps his drugs will he go to jail and will he know that I told on him or can that be a secret. I am scared that if I call my mom will get in trouble also.

  • David Johnson Says ...
    David  Johnson

    How frightening this must be to find yourself in this situation! How sad you seem to be the only responsible person in your household. You are left in an impossible situation with neglect and potential danger from the illegal drug business. You don't say how old you are. I'm guessing you are under 18. You not responsible for what happens in your parents house. You need a safe and supportive home to live in.

    The fact you are asking these questions says a lot about your good judgment and your sense of desperation reflecting your need to act. Give this issue to a trusted and responsible adult in your life. A close relative or family friend may intervene with your mom and give her one more chance to do the right thing.  If that doesn't help or you can't identify a family member or family friend, go to a school teacher, coach, counselor, or social worker.

    After you have given this responsibility to an adult, get back to focusing on learning in school and growing up. Regardless to how your parents might react initially, you will have done the right thing and its up to them to demonstrate their worth as a responsible parent. They need help and they will have a chance to straighten their life out when another responsible adult intervenes.

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