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Pain, Legal Prescriptions and Suboxone

  • anonymous Asks ...

    I have a friend who has been reported to a professional board for narcotic use. She has been prescribed a small dose 25 mcg of a Fentanyl patch for systemic lupus nephritis joint pain . She works 40 or more hours a week and is a single mother . Will transition to Suboxone all ow to keep her license ; job ; insurance ? Or should she enter diversion program . The medication has improved her ability to work and she says she is not altered by it . On the other hand she suffers from anxiety and depression which she is told by a psychiatrist will improve with getting off opiates . What about suboxone ?

  • Yerachmiel Donowitz Says ...
    Yerachmiel Donowitz

    The first thing that needs to be established is how bad is the pain? Is it something that the person is ready to put her job on the line for? It could be. If yes, why is not ok for her to take a legally prescribed pain medication? Would decreasing the anxiety and depression have enough of an effect to reduce the pain so it is "acceptable". Generally speaking, in her case, Suboxone is not a recommended path. It has very limited pain relief properties. It is known to relieve some pain, but it is not worth taking that route if that is what you really need.