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Opiates as an Anxiety Treatment

  • anonymous Asks ...

    One reason why I got addicted to lortabs was because they really took away my anxiety. I have an anxiety problem and now I want to quit and I am really scared that my anxiety is going to be a big problem,. I am wondering if I should go ahead with Suboxone. Will Suboxone help me manage my anxiety in the same way that regular opiates do? If it won’t I don’t think it will really work for me.

  • Yerachmiel Donowitz Says ...
    Yerachmiel Donowitz

    The fact that the opiates helped is no surprise. The problem is that it is an opiate and similar to using a hammer to kill an ant. Anxiety can be a lingering and constant battle and discomfort. The way to handle it is with therapy and possibly antianxiety medication as well. It is a more involved treatment, takes more time initially, but there will be no addiction and you will be a stronger, more resilient person as a result. Suboxone will probably help. If you have been taking the Loritabs for only a short time it would be better to detox from them at this point than to go the Suboxone route.

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