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Alternative Ways To Detox

  • anonymous Asks ...

    Should I use tramadol to help me taper off norcos? How long can I take tramadol for before I get addicted to it? I have heard that it can help with withdrawal symptoms but if you get addicted it is a bad one to detox from. Also, one of the hardest things for me to deal with during withdrawals is the restless legs I get when I try to sleep. They make it impossible to sleep and they are so bad it is hard to not just take a pill? What is the best way to minimize them? Are you familiar with the Thomas Recipe for opiate withdrawal at home? I see it mentioned a lot on different support forums and I was just wondering what as expert would think of it? Are there any risks to trying it this way? I am a 3 year norco addict.

  • Yerachmiel Donowitz Says ...
    Yerachmiel Donowitz

    Your question about Tramadol is a good one. An expert dealing with substance abuse is really no substitute for a medical Dr. or researcher.

    It has been tried for detox and there was some success. The fact that it is not widely used and the research that was done, that I am aware of, was more than five years ago, would lead me to believe it is not a good choice. The "Thomas Recipe" has some merit, but I was unable to find any reputable research on it. Opiate addiction is very tough, as I am sure you are aware. There is no simple answer. Before you get caught up in the method of detox, focus on maintenance. How to deal with cravings. Life style changes. Different ways to cope. The conviction to be sober and straight a day at a time. The issue of how best to detox will be easier at that point.