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Is It Advisable to Get Son off Methadone

  • Lanceangel Asks ...

    My son is a morphine addict. He has contracted hepC from this. I have been paying for the methadone clinic for him now for about 16 months. He was recently laid off his job and will be homeless in a couple of weeks. I cannot afford to pay for the clinic much longer. Is there a chance of finding a rehab for him to get him off the methadone? Is this an advisable move? He has no insurance & I certainly can't pay for an expensive clinic. Help!

  • Dr. David Sack Says ...
    Dr. David Sack

    The particulars of which emergency health services and mental health services are available vary by county and state.  You should consult with the local health care agencies to see if you son would qualify for indigent services. If it looks like that will not be an option, you could try to negotiate a temporary reduction in rate at his current clinic.  It this is not feasible you can speak with them about a taper schedule so that he does not come off cold turkey.  Relapse rates following discontinuation can be high, particularly if the individual has not been involved in recovery-based programs or other therapy.