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How to find a Detox

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    I have been dealing with a basic opiate addiction for almost two years now. I was first using opiate pills. I tried to get off of them by going to a methadone clinic. Unfortunately the methadone clinic is too far away and does not accept any (including mine) health insurance. The gas money and the price of going was costing me almost $1000 a month which is basically what I was spending on the drugs to begin with. When I expressed to the clinic that I wanted to taper off of the methadone because I could not afford it anymore they did begin the taper from 60mg dropping me 10mg a week, and because I have the worst luck in the world when I finally got down to 10mg for the week, where the next week they would have put me on 5mg, then 2mg so I would not experience any withdraw symptoms, I was in a very bad car accident and the methadone clinic kicked me out for missing a couple of days. Methadone clinics work a certain way and are kinda strict. I was paying $15 a day for my "dose" as they call it and $20 a day in gas to get there and get back home. And you have to be there every single day except Sundays. They will let you take your Sunday "dose" home. If you miss a day they can and will kick you out. I actually missed a couple of days from the car accident being so severe. I was not getting high or taking any medication on the days I missed I just was extremely sore and had no transportation to get there and back. When I realized that they would not take me back my addiction started again. This might just be justification but I needed something from being so sore from the accident, which I was very lucky to still be alive from, and I was beginning to start having withdraw symptoms. I am sick and tired of being addicted to this drug and am more then ready to quit. Im at the point where the only thing holding me back from quitting cold turkey is the fear of withdraw for two weeks and the fact that I have children to care for and would not be able to if I were that sick for that long. I was wondering if a hospital might admit me for 4 days to a week so I could be quickly tapered off of the drugs and finally be done with this thing that is holding me back in life and making me miserable, but also be monitored by doctors while doing so. I have tried to just slow down on my own at home and I just get entirely too sick and can not do it alone. But I absolutely do want to be done with this nonsense and am at the point where I'm desperate. I am just terrified of the withdraw symptoms and would feel much more comfortable knowing that I'm in the hands of doctors and nurses while going through something so painful and scary. I have some education on CDC and I know the extenuating factors. I know afterward changing people places and things in necessary, groups are necessary. I just cant get past this step. I need to do this for my children, my husband, and more importantly myself. I want to go back to school and take steps forward in my life. I cant just quit and get sick because I need to be able to watch my children but if I can find a hospital that will take me for a quick (weekish) taper, my family will more then likely help me with the children that week so I can get past this point. Plus I just get so scared of actually how sick I really do get that being watched by a doctor and tapered down I really do think is the best way. The methadone clinic takes up so much money and time. And I did try my hardest there, and I can not take the time or money to start all over again. I was so close to being done when I was in the car accident. I'm more desperate then ever to find a hospital to help me. My life may actually depend on it. I live in Cincinnati. If anyone can please help me find a place to go to get over this hump in my life, my recovery, grateful would not come close to describing how I would feel. I know the steps I need to take afterward. I was sober for 6years. I want my life back. Can anyone please help me find a place to take me for my taper? I'm desperate. My kids and husband need me back and I want more then anything to be back to normal...... Please??

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    Anna Deeds

    Thank you for your question. A hospital can detox you in about a week, depending on your tolerance and how severe your withdrawal is. Since you live in a smaller area, it is possible not every hospital in your area has a detox unit. You can call several hospitals and ask them if they have a detox unit but they often won't tell you over the phone how to get in. They will tell you that you have to go to the emergency room and be evaluated to get in. What this means is that you have to be in withdrawal. They will take your vitals like blood pressure and heart rate to be sure you are experiencing withdrawal before they will admit you. You can really go to any hospital if you are in withdrawal. If they don't have a detox unit, they will refer you or transfer you to one that does. However, this will mean more time before you receive treatment. You will receive treatment faster if you know which hospital has a detox unit.

    You may be able to find a place to detox you outpatient with Suboxone as well. There are some Suboxone clinics that offer a Suboxone detox. They will put you on Suboxone and reduce your dose over several weeks. This is usually done in a clinic and not a doctor's office. They will probably offer you counseling and possibly groups while you are going through the detox. To find a clinic, look on the SAMHSA website for Suboxone doctors. Call each one in your area and ask if they offer detox or maintenance treatment. You may want to consider maintenance too. Suboxone is often offered with less restriction than methadone so it may be a better option since money and transportation is an issue for you. They may only require once or twice a week visits and you can work up to monthly visits.

    Another option is a rehab. Many rehabs have detox units too. You can choose to only go to the detox unit if you want. When you enter rehab voluntarily, you can leave at any time. This means you have the right to only go to be detoxed and then leave. See this article with resources to find treatment in any state. The SAMHSA website is a great resource for finding treatment. 

    I do suggest that if you only go to detox, you go to daily NA and AA meetings for the first few months. You will need the support and help to deal with the cravings. Whenever you stop taking opiates, your body needs time to adjust to not having opiates. During this time, your body will want to go back to opiate use so it can return to a "normal" state. Right now, your body's "normal" state is on opiates. Your body doesn't understand that opiates are wrecking your life. It's job is to function and it won't know how to function without the opiates. Because of this, you will have powerful cravings or urges to take opiates. This doesn't mean you can't stop using. In time, your body will adjust to a new normal state without opiates. But during the adjustment period, it will be difficult to stay clean without help. There is plenty of help out there though if you ask for it.

    Good luck with your recovery and don't be afraid to ask for help!