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Detox Using Suboxone

  • anonymous Asks ...

    I am steady on 120 mgs of oxys a day now and I want to stop. I can get subs. I want to be done with detox in a week or 10 days. How many subs should I take and when should I take them? If I wait 24 hours after my last oxy is that long enough before I take my first sub? By 24 hours I am feeling pretty sick.

  • Anna Deeds Says ...
    Anna Deeds

    Thank you for your question! You have to be in withdrawal before you start taking Suboxone. If you're not in withdrawal, the Suboxone will cause you to have withdrawal. Suboxone is a full opiate blocker. When you start taking it, it will block your opiate receptors so any opiates in your system cannot use the receptors. This can cause you to have withdrawal if you take it too early so you need to be careful. 24 hours is the minimum amount of time to wait if you are taking opiates but it might be a good idea to wait as long as you can to be sure. If you were taking methadone or other longer lasting opioids, you would have to wait longer.

    I encourage you to go to a detox program instead of buying Suboxone and trying to do it on your own. There are programs that will detox you in outpatient treatment if you don't want to be inpatient. If you go to a program, they will be able to tell you how long to wait according to how much pain medication you were taking and they can give you the proper amount of Suboxone. They can also monitor your detox and provide you with counseling. Contact your local drug and alcohol programs to find treatment in your area or try the SAMHSA website where they have a treatment locator. In my state (Pennsylvania), every county has a drug and alcohol commission where people can get free treatment or referrals to treatment. I think most states have something similar.

    If you try to do the detox yourself, try taking the least amount of Suboxone that you can to take away withdrawal symptoms and then reduce your dose at regular intervals. Whenever you detox or taper, it's important to be consistent with decrease. You don't want to take less one day and then go back up the next day. This will only make it harder to detox. And don't make the mistake of taking other drugs to ease withdrawal. This can lead to other addictions and makes withdrawal more difficult. However, over the counter vitamins and supplements are fine to take. For example, melatonin is a natural supplement that can help with sleep. Always check with your doctor before taking anything though in case it could conflict with other medications you are taking or interfere with health problems you have. 

    Good luck with your recovery!