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Appropriate To Give Money To Homeless People?

  • anonymous Asks ...

    Should I give money to homeless people on the street? I often do but then I wonder if I am just enabling their addictions.

  • Stephanie Adams Says ...
    Stephanie Adams

    Since you can't know for sure whether you are fueling an addiction or if the person would wisely use the money, I have heard (and agree) that the best way to deal with it is to keep on hand gift cards to supply them with necessary resources. Giving them a gift card to a major chain store or grocery store that would enable them to buy toiletries, food, clothing and more is a way of helping them with lesser risk of fueling addiction. You might also have some gift cards to fast-food places, preferably some with healthy menu choices.

    Another way to help is to volunteer at the Salvation Army or a homeless shelter, providing a hot meal and a listening ear. 

    Either way, giving to others is also a great way to make your life more full and rich. You should be commended for your desire to do so.


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