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Does a little daily marijuana affect my memory?

  • anonymous Asks ...

    I like to eat marijuana in small quantities. I find that when I make some cannabutter and then eat just a small dose a couple of times a day I feel more relaxed and less anxious and it does not seem to affect my performance at work since I am not really high, just a little mellow (I work as a dental hygienist so it would not be OK if I was obviously high or smelled like pot…lol!).

    I am talking about pretty small amounts, not so anyone would ever know that I am high, that I eat everyday almost like a medicine (but I have no medical reason to buy). The one thing that I am concerned about is if eating a little marijuana every day is going to affect my memory in bad ways?

  • Mark Hughes Says ...
    Mark Hughes

    I don't know if marijuana use is proven to affect memory. Clearly it helps you cope with life, and it may not affect your health significantly, but I recommend you do some research to help you understand the risks, and possibly consult your Doctor for advice.

    As a counsellor I recommend you consider safe alternatives, and of course one is to work on what makes you anxious. Various kinds of therapy might help you. CBT is an increasingly popular therapy that may help if the anxiety is happens in particular suggestions. Or more relationship focussed therapies may help when it arises around people, or where an underlying issue keeps creating anxiety in one situation after another.

    I'm sorry I can't answer your specific question but hope you find this helpful.

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