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Treatment for "Out of Control" Son Threatening Suicide: DANGER!

  • ksmith6325 Asks ...

    If my son has no insurance and i am a single mom of three kids and have no way of getting him help... he has threatened to kill himself over and over, has rages, does drugs... he was taken to a hospital this past week, placed into an outpatient rehab center in which they are dismissing him soon... what options do i have?

  • Lita Perna Says ...
    Lita Perna
    • Take his threatening suicide seriously.
    • Call the cops immediately when he makes threats and get him back to the ER.
    • Take his rages seriously, call the cops immediately and get him back to the ER.

    He is out of control. He needs psychiatric help. He needs help to stop the drugs.

    • Ask the professionals at the hospital for referrals before he is released.
    • Be sure to tell any and all professionals that you "FEAR HE IS A DANGER TO HIMSELF AND OTHERS!" Tell them this over and over and over again.
    • Get copies of his medical records.
    • Continue to get him to the emergency room.
    • Document his behavior with time and date. Put it in a safe place.
    • Apply for Disability for him. When/if you are turned down, apply again. There are pro bono lawyers who will help you with this.

    You do not say his age or what state you are in.

    There is help. There are agencies in most states for families in trouble.

    Keep on keeping on and you will find him the help he needs.

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