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strip club addiction

  • anonymous Asks ...

    This is a stupid question but I think I am addicted to going to strip clubs. I want to slow down because I am always broke. I am not an alcoholic because I only have 2 or 3 or 4 beer when I go but I feel like I have to go or I get super edgy. I work alone and live alone so I think I am addicted to the sexual human connection. I used to smoke and it feels almost like craving a cigarette. It costs me a lot of money even though the girls will give me alot of free dances. I see the same faces in there everyday so I don’t think it is just me. As you can probably guess I am not very good with girls outside of the club so this makes it harder to give it up.

  • Dr. Jennifer Martin Says ...
    Dr. Jennifer Martin

    It sounds like it has become an addiction.  The question is do you want to break free of the addiction? If so, it will require you learning skills to connect emotionally with people outside of this environment. Let's face it engaging in this behavior is easier than forming real relationships - which take work and some skill in emotionally intimacy. If you want relationships that offer you more I recommend putting your resources - time and money into learning these skills. I suggest that you write down the pros and cons of staying the same or changing your behavior. If it seems like there is a good enough reason to change then you will be motivated to get the help you need to break free. You can do this.


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