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Sex Addiction Recovery & Enmeshment

  • lee Asks ...

    Is sex addiction recovery possible if the route cause of being a mother enmeshed son is not addressed itself? If the controlling and intefering mother continues, without my hubby dealing with this enmeshment as he is to scared to confront her, can the sexual acting out be dealt with alone and what are the chances for the son being able to develop intimacy?

  • Dr. Jennifer Martin Says ...
    Dr. Jennifer Martin

    Great question. There are many stages to sex addiction treatment and recovery. The enmeshed relationship between your husband and his mother would usually not be addressed early on in treatment but yes, it would be critical to address this issue as recovery progresses. So to answer your question, beginning sex addiction treatment is possible regardless of this mother/son relationship but ongoing recovery and development of healthy intimacy would eventually (likely) require addressing the enmeshment. I say likely because it is difficult to make sweeping statements without knowing the history and context of the particular family. I recommend finding a certified sex addiction therapist and having an initial consultation (www.sexhelp.com)  Also, recommended reading: When He's Married to Mom, How to Help Mother-Enmeshed Men Open Their Hearts to True Love and Commitment by Kenneth Adams, Phd

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