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Recovery From Addiction Isn't Easy

  • anonymous Asks ...

    How long do you have to be able to not use drugs for before you can prove to yourself that you are not addicted? If you can easily not use for a week is this considered a long enough period of clean?

  • Sandi Wiggins Says ...
    Sandi Wiggins

    One indicator of substance dependency (commonly called addiction), can be testing your ability to stop! There are different reasons someone might want to be "clean," or free from alcohol and other drugs. Sometimes people wonder how long certain drugs remain in their body because they are facing a drug test for employment or law enforcement. In that case, the length of time to get "clean," or eliminate the drug varies with the drug. Marijuana, for example, can remain in the body for over a month under certain conditions. If you really want to be drug free, a week is just barely getting started. However, it IS getting started! I encourage people to expect to go through all of life's experiences for a year without using mood altering substances, before they can gain confidence that they can stay clean.


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