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Your Work Can Change Someone's Tomorrow

  • LukeSr Asks ...

    Hello again Mr. O'Neal,
    I just wanted to thank you for your response to my question last on Sunday May 6. You titled the response, "Recovering Addicts Make Huge Contributions as Counselors." I could tell the information you gave me was well thought and will be invaluable in the decisions I have to make. I live in Florida and here we have a Certifications Board that regulates the field. The 3 different types of Certifications are (CAS) Certified Addictions Specialist, (CAC) Certified Addictions Counselor, and the (CAP) Certified Addictions Professional. The CAP offers the most promise regarding a good job and all the Certs require a Bachelor's Degree in something. I chose Psych because of its proximity to addiction.
    I wanted to thank you especially for the 10 tips you included and the link to Dr Karen Kelly. This is a God send for me right now. I'm sure you remember what its like when your in your first year but I have great faith and I'm not afraid to ask for help. Thanks again John and I hope to meet you some day along the road.
    Raymond Tirrell
    [email protected]

  • Delisted Expert Says ...


    Thanks for your kind words. I answered your question as if it were my own.I am glad you can use the 10 tips and Dr. Karen Kelly as a possbile resource. Knowing what these different certifications, in Florida, require should provide you with some guidance as you go through your programs and internships.

    I will keep you name and email and hope you will do the same. Take great care of you and your future plans!

    All the best,

    John O'Neal, Ed.S., MSW, MA,LPC, NCC

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