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  • anonymous Asks ...

    I am 33 and I am done with a 12 year heroin addiction. I missed my youth. All my old friends are getting married and having kids and theres no way I am ready for that. I feel like I am 20 inside an old body. Do I just forget about that part of my life and pretend like I am middle aged or should I go back and live like a college student now?

  • Jennifer Hamilton Says ...
    Jennifer Hamilton

    There is no "right" way to live once you stop using and begin recovery. You are most likely EXACTLY right when you say that you are not ready for those steps in your life. You need to determine who you are as a drug free person. You will be completing developmental tasks that would normally have been completed during the years you were using, the good news is, they will go MUCH faster now especially if you work a program such as the 12 steps or seek out other ways to develop your sense of self outside of the use of heroin. It may be helpful to seek guidance from a counselor who will guide you in this process.

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