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Alternatives to AA

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    The cult thing of AA kind of weirds me out. I know there are some different options and I’m in NYC so I’ve got the pick of pretty much anything. Can you recommend a non ‘higher power’ and ‘powerlessness’ driven support group like AA that works well.

    Some I have seen are moderation management, rational recovery, SOS and a few others…I have a problem with alcohol. Is any better than any other?

  • Jennifer Hamilton Says ...
    Jennifer Hamilton

    I really like Rational Recovery, but I would recommend that you take an eclectic approach to recovery.  By eclectic, I mean do not just use a 12 step program, but find a professional you trust and get some guidance.  If you will refer to the Buddhist Meditation question I answered, you will see some areas that also need to be addressed to increase your chances of a lasting recovery.

    Have you been to AA before?  I do not view it as "cult like" myself.  What is it that gives you that feeling?  That may be there for many of the self-help models.  We call the togetherness "fellowship" and it has been proven to work scientifically.  The power of the group was found to be more powerful than the instinct to live (i.e. drink water).  The area of the brain effected by alcohol is the survival center, so essentially, we are convincing ourselves to not drink when the brain tells us we need it to survive.  The power of the group in AA or other self-help models can be essential in overcoming this urge.  

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