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Tough Lady Fighting to Get Better

  • nancycoda Asks ...

    is there such a thing as "scholarship" programs? I have no insurance. Ability to self pay is limited...I have been to several programs.. dual diagnoised. I have had 2-3 years sobriety SEVERAL times.... Im forever trapped but my time has run it course and closing in...............

  • Lita Perna Says ...
    Lita Perna

    No Nancy. Your time is just beginning. You just can't see past the struggle.

    You're not 'trapped'. You're on a road. This site is your most recent stop.

    Here goes:

    First: You were very smart to leave your zip code. It enabled me to look up these places:

    Your first goal should be to contact one or all of them.

    Alcohol and Drug Services

    The County of San Diego provides a comprehensive system of services to address substance abuse. And mental health. You can find programs aimed at prevention, intervention and treatment for adults and children. The County also leads a task force focused on combating methamphetamine use.

    Nancy, call the number listed below.

    Run for the County by OPTUM Health, the hotline (888) 724-7240 operates seven days a week, 24 hours a day. People can get help for mental health and substance abuse issues at any time and in any language.

    Here's another place:

    Family Health Centers of San Diego is proud to provide an extensive array of high-quality primary and specialty care services. Many of our patients qualify for free or low-cost services based upon their income and family size. For more information about our services, schedule and costs, please contact the clinics directly.

    ► Contact Us

    Their number is 619 515 2300

    You said you have a diagnosis. You need to start the process of getting on Disability Insurance (Medicaid).

    It is a long and difficult process but I have a feeling----I don't know why but I feel like you're a tough survivor---you're going to find a way to get on it.

    Don't stop. There's help. Don't quit.


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