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2 Months Sober

  • anonymous Asks ...

    My ex girlfriend had a drinking problem and it eventually got so bad that I ended the relationship because I couldn't deal with the constant problems anymore, though I still did and do love her. Now she has been going to AA and she is 2 months sober and she is asking me to take her back. For her 2 months is a very big deal and I am proud of her. Is 2 months of sober time a significant enough amount that it indicates that she is likely going to be able to keep off the drinking?

  • Rachel Starck Says ...
    Rachel Starck

    While in early recovery, two months is a big deal, it is not a long time at all in the big picture of making sobriety a life long habit.  There is no way to predict whether someone will relapse or not.  Certainly going to AA (developing a strong sober support system, mentors, sponsers etc) is a great start.  People with years of sobriety relapse, as well as people who have two or three months in recovery.  I would look at how she is incorporating her recovery into her lifestyle.  What is she doing to cope with emotions, challenges, struggles.  I might suggest you attend Al Anon for support for yourself!

    Rachel Starck, LPC


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