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Synthetic Marijuana's Effects on a Toddler

  • anonymous Asks ...

    How dangerous is it for a mom to expose her 14 month old son to secondhand spice (fake weed) smoke? My friend is doing this and I am worried that she could be hurting her son. She believes that weed is ok and this is ok too. I am trying to tell her that nobody even knows what is in this and so how can she know it is not harmful for her son who is probably tripping his head off everytime he comes into the room. If she won’t stop doing it what should I do? She is not really a person I like, just a close friend of my roommate who likes to smoke in my house (in her room) with her son playing with toys on the floor. My roommate is a nice person by the way who is also upset by this but she is honestly intimidated by her friend and can’t or won’t tell her to stop doing what she is doing. My roommate is the lease holder and I am her tenant and I do not want to move out so I am hoping to not cause major drama.

  • Jennifer Hamilton Says ...
    Jennifer Hamilton

    I agree with you 100% that you, nor this mother know what is in the synthetic product she is smoking. The effects of second hand smoke when it is tobacco includes increased risk of asthma, ear infections and allergy symptoms. Add to that, the unknown properties of the drug and you have a risky situation. I encourage you to not worry about whether or not you will cause drama and call Child Protective Services. There are tests available now to test for the synthetic substances. If you call it in anonymously and they do not follow-up by opening a case, you will have at least attempted to protect this child. You may also consider telling a concerned family member of the child if you have an opportunity.

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