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Helping an adult child who is an addict

  • anonymous Asks ...

    My son was jailed for 14 months for felony grand larceny. He was a crack addict and alcoholic. He is going to be released in three months so we want to prepare for him. He says he is thankful he got jailed so he could get cleaned up and he says he is never going to go back to using again. He there are lots of drugs in jail but he has been 100% clean for 8 months. We want to help him but know how strong his addictions are and that what he says doesn’t always mean much. We want to him to go into a halfway house after his release but he wants to come. He is 28. He says those places are full of junkies and that they are worse than anywhere else. I am concerned that if he comes back to his old neighborhood that the temptations will be too much for him. He has never been able to stay clean for more than 2 months in our neighborhood since he was about 18. What would you recommend for a person in his situation?

  • Jennifer Hamilton Says ...
    Jennifer Hamilton

    Your son can get better anywhere, with the right attitude, right coping skills and right support. Only time will tell whether his motivation is enduring. He has a hard road ahead of him, but many have done it before him and will help him if he will allow them. You have to decide based on not just him, but on what is best for you, your husband and the rest of the family. If there are siblings, sometimes the "good ones" are ignored and the "problem child" gets all the attention. This causes problems for the other children. You need good boundaries with your son regardless of where he lives. Seek help from Al anon or a similar group in your area. Encourage your son to seek out professional help when he is released.

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