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Confidentiality, Privacy and Rights

  • mclove84 Asks ...

    can a drug rehab center make you give consent to speak to your medical doctor or the will dismiss you from the program

  • Jim LaPierre Says ...
    Jim LaPierre

    Hi - yes, a rehab center can require this as a matter of policy. This can be a vital part of ensuring safety - especially for a person who is newly sober. Known medical conditions give us an idea of what could be happening for a person whose health is faltering or failing. I'm not sure what you're concerned about but I would encourage you to discuss it with the employees of the rehab - if there is very specific information that you don't want shared that's ok - as you look at the release that you're asked to sign, there will be space/boxes to check on the form that allow you to specify what you're willing to have shared and what you're not. You have a right to your privacy and if you're willing to have a very candid conversation with the rehab this should be easily resolved Good luck!

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