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RE Renegade child!

  • anonymous Asks ...

    Have a 16 yr old that cuts and smokes weed/ cigs not doing well in school. We have her in therapy already, does not seem to be helping. Next step should be?

  • Cali Estes Says ...
    Cali Estes


    How long has she been in therapy AND is the therapist trained I addiction. Also what is causing it?  Trauma, peer pressure, learning disability?  Something kicks it off,   you need to get to the why and the what and solve it and the addictive behaviors go down. Where are you located?

    My suggestions would be to find an addiction therapist or coach that specializes in teen addiction. This can be done in person or by Skype and get to the bottom of the why. Is there any other drugs involved or just weed?  and is weed legal where you are?  I need a tad more info....


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