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Can you recommend software to help me reduce my internet use?

  • anonymous Asks ...

    Can you recommend a simple software to use to help me control my online behaviors. I can’t stay off the internet entirely but once I get on I can lose hours and hours to useless surfing. I feel like I go into a trance state and I can honestly lose a half day in what feels like the blink of an eye. What I need is something that will keep me on task and boot me off once I am done what I started out to do.

  • Mark Hughes Says ...
    Mark Hughes

    I can't recommend anything in particular because it is so long since I used such a program.

    There are programs out there though, so searching in Google or asking in health forums should turn something up quite easily. I know this because I used a program to remind me every so often to take a break, because my computer use was putting a strain on my hands, wrists and arms. 

    This kind of software may help you, but don't expect it to work if you have a strong compulsion. In that case you may find yourself just bypassing the software when it asks you to stop. Some software may disable the computer and need you to wait before you can bypass it, but again you may find yourself doing this once the delay has passed. In that case you really need to seek help for what underlies your behaviour, and your doctor should be able to advise about that. This is the kind of thing that a therapist can help with, but your doctor can advise on what may be best for you.


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