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Nibbled to Death by Ducks

  • anonymous Asks ...

    I have this annoying problem that I always feel like I feel my phone buzzing or beeping. This must happen 100 times a day and it makes me feel like I am insane. And then I wonder when it is really buzzing if it actually is or not? I realize that this is stupid but I would like to make it stop. As a roaming technician my phone is my lifeline and I do receive frequent calls and updates so I can’t just leave my phone at home.

  • Jim LaPierre Says ...
    Jim LaPierre

    Hey there - thanks for writing - my title "nibbled to death by ducks" is an old expression meaning that the little things get to us. If your phone is your lifeline and the basis of your work it makes sense that this is a big deal for you. I have found that using a very unusual ringtone works well for me - that way other people's cell phones don't make me check mine. I also turn the volume up to the highest possible point and I don't use the vibrating option because each time I tense up physically I assume it's the phone.

    I'd also encourage you to look at what you're using for stress management? Being on call and in demand takes a toll on a person. Look at what you're doing to cope and consider adding some outlets for stress.

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