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Compulsions and OCD

  • anonymous Asks ...

    Do I have OCD if I have compulsions to do certain things but I don't really have any excessive anxiety. I don't know how to explain really, but for example, one thing I have to do all the time is whenever I am traveling by car I have to click my teeth whenever I pass a streetlight or electric pole. Or whenever I walk on a side walk I have to tap the side of my leg whenever I walk over a crack. It gets embarrassing and hard to explain to others so I'd like to stop but I can't and I don't understand why I do this? Is this some form of compulsive disorder?

  • Dr. Lani Chin Says ...
    Dr. Lani Chin

    It sounds like you have some compulsions, however, I'm unsure if they can be classified as a disorder.  Do you feel like these behaviors have somehow impacted your day-to-day functioning?  It sounds like you're embarrassed when you're around others but are these feelings overwhelming enough to limit the time you spend with others because you don't want to explain what you're doing?  I would recommend individual therapy to talk more about these compulsions and what they mean to you.  Oftentimes, people may engage in compulsions to exert control over some part of their lives because they feel out of control/powerless in other parts.  If you are in the Los Angeles area, I would be happy to help you explore this further: www.drlanichin.com.  If you are not, I recommend you look for another professional to help you better understand your behaviors.  Good luck.

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