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What makes for addiction

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    Is it easy to get addicted to bingo? I went with my sister and she played about 20 cards at the same time. She goes twice a week. I had no idea she was so into this but she says it is a harmless socializing thing she does with her friends. What I saw was nobody talking and everyone very focused on playing bingo.

  • Jill Edwards Says ...
    Jill Edwards

    I guess it is not difficult to get addicted to something. And bingo is a good opportunity to look at what makes it tick.The social side of things is always really important. Many people learnt to take marihuana because it was something they did with their mates and smoking was a rite of passage. It is a way of identifying with others and of getting out and seeing others and in the case of marihuana the illegality made it exciting to purchase, at least in the beginning. Bingo is socialble. It is often done in groups, people will get to know others and it is regarded as a harmless way to get out of the house. It is exciting, there is adrenaline as you try to win and there is the risk that you might lose. Adrenaline is a drug, It provides an upper, makes people feel better, makes them feel luckier than their neighbours if they win. On the other hand if they lose, they are given a further opportunity to try. Just these small ups and downs are sufficient to get people hooked. It is also regarded as playing with small amounts of money, so this makes people feel safe. In fact the amounts of money probably add up.


    Addictions dont usually take hold if a person has a full and varied life and different interests and sssociations, and they are fairly happy in themselves. So it may just be useful to help her to widen her interests and social life. I wonder if she is worried about her finances and trying to make a little money to help them.


    It may be worth playing the innocent and saying you didnt know that people usually played so many cards and you wonder how people get so interested in it?

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