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Weight Loss Surgery vs. Lifestyle Changes

  • anonymous Asks ...

    I am 14 and I am 5 feet 9 inches tall and I weigh 268 lbs. I hate exercise and whenever I try to do anything with sports people just make fun of me so I don’t usually do too much. I want to have the stomach surgery but my mom does not agree that it can be for teenagers. I can’t lose weight on diets I have tried so many times and after a couple of days of being good I lose control and eat even more than ever. How old do you have to be before you can get surgery?

  • Jill Palmer Says ...
    Jill Palmer

    I'm not a medical professional so I don't know what the age requirements are for weight loss surgery. I don't believe doctors like to do elective surgery on minors and prefer to wait until the patient is an adult.

    I do understand how hard it is to be different and to not fit in. Diets don't work. Lifestyle changes do. I know exercise isn't the favorite activity but there are so many benefits to exercise. Not only does it increase your metabolism, but it also increases our natural happy chemicals and it prevents so many diseases. You can start walking, then move to running so you don't have to listen to other people make fun of you. I would say to love yourself enough to exercise and find the joy in doing something good for yourself.

    As for food, maybe your mom will allow you to get a nutritionist who can help with what types of food you are eating and work on portion control. It's not about restricting yourself so you feel deprived but find a way to eat that gives you emotional support without overindulging. It takes practice but it can be done.

    You might want to get some counseling to find coping skills other than food. If you start to increase your self-esteem and increase your self-worth, it will be easier to manage food.

    You might also want to join a gym and get a trainer. You might enjoy working out more if you have some one with you to make it more fun and more social. 

    You're still young and can still most likely work hard to take the weight off without surgery. Taking care of yourself is worth the hard work since you are your most valuable resource. I wish you the best.

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