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More than just my ED, where do I go?

  • firstpersonplural Asks ...

    I've struggled with anorexia for nearly twelve years, and have been in and out of treatment in the past two years - missing precious years of college (i know, my life is more important blah blah), but my true question is, after my stay at a treatment facility that was in your state, I learned of a lot more trauma and dissociative amnesia, and identity alteration. My internal system started going haywire and I began switching into mainly child parts who were trying to express the trauma. My insurance decided that after my DD-NOS diagnosis that I was not benefiting from that programme (although I think it is the best place I've been out of the many I've gone to..) I was sent back to my parents' house (an unsafe environment, due to substance abuse (not myself) and abuse, which staff knew when they sent me there) I am struggling to find options of treatment centers that will work with both my ED (though it is not the primary issue, I still do need to gain weight and work on behaviors), as well as trauma and be able to work with dissociative patients.. So many places i've been referred to have denied me (Sierra Tucson, Laureate, Rogers, Life Healing Center (well they accepted me but it costs too much despite insurance), Center for Change, Renfrew, Remuda, and the ERC in Denver. Do you know of any other places I can look into? I really need to get into somewhere as soon as possible, and though it's not necessary, I would love to be back in the New England area, where I live normally. Thank you so much for your help.

  • Jody Hansen Says ...
    Jody Hansen

    There are a few other options that you should check into in no specific order:

    1. Bridges to Recovery
    2. Trauma Disorder program at Sheppard-Pratt hospital
    3. McLean hospital
    4. Women's Institute for Incorporation Therapy
    5. Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute
    6. and lastly there are several programs overseen by Colin Ross, MD one of the foremost experts in DID. His programs are Timberlawn Trauma program in Texas, Forest View Hospital in Michigan, and the Del Amo Hospital in Calif.

    I do not know if these places accept insurance or not. You would need to contact them to find out. Further information can be found on the internet. Good luck in your search.

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