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NOS - Great Beverage, Lousy Diagnosis

  • anonymous Asks ...

    People don’t understand why I try to lose weight. They say I look healthy and good but when I look in the mirror naked I still see a lot of fat around my stomach and thighs. If I still have extra fat than I can’t be underweight. I want to look good and if I eat too much I make sure to balance that out with exercise. I am diagnosed with EDNOS. It don’t understand how I can have an eating disorder if I am stable at a healthy weight.

  • Jim LaPierre Says ...
    Jim LaPierre

    Hi there and thank you for your question. Please know that eating disorders occur in people of eery shape and size. Regardless of how we see ourselves (and our perceptions are often skewed by strong negative emotions) having an eating disorder is more about how we nurture our bodies and seeking control in a very unhealthy manner.

    I cringe whenever I see a diagnosis of NOS - Not Otherwise Specified. What NOS often means in reality is "we're not sure." I encourage you to look less in the mirror and more at your life. What's working? What isn't? What do you need beyond your desire to lose a few more pounds?

    Please seek feedback from loved ones - people that you trust and know to be healthy. Relying on your own perception may be problematic at this point. Please consider respected sources on what caloric intake is considered healthy. Then step back and ask yourself why that number on the scale is so important?

    For far too many of us, when we look in the mirror all we see are faults. Please consider the whole person and ask yourself how can I be healthier? Good luck to you.

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