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    I am a 21 year old female who has dealt with Anorexia for over eleven years. I was aware of some pretty disturbing trauma in my youth, but after beginning IFS therapy, more trauma has presented itself, as well as a number of alters who intertangably come out. I always knew I had the system inside of me; i just never knew it was out of the ordinary to hear constant chatter like a loud restaurant in my head; that's just how my thoughts worked. But now child alters are starting to act out, I do try to use 'safe place,' and DBT grounding skills (frozen oranges!!) I've only just begun dialoguing, which seems helpful. Are you aware of any other techniques I can use to continue working with my parts while I am on an 'in between' of treatment (due to insurance; i'll be going back). This is all so relatively new to me and it's often frightening because I am more in realisation of the time I lose and the very distinct parts I have. I doubt myself a lot though, maybe I'm making it all up, right? Maybe I'm a crazy person> Maybe I made up the trauma as a child and adolescent, so I could later use it for attention? I know the last part isn't true. I just want to trauma to go away. But my system is out of control - we left treatment in the middle of opening up a new trauma, and I cannot deal with it myself.

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    Jennifer Bovee

    First I would like to tell you that you have an enormous amount of courage and strength to have not only made it this far but to have a willingness and desire to continue to heal yourself and move toward your goals.  Secondly, I need to tell you that if anyone even suggests that you have "made any of this up"  or any similar negative connotation please remove yourself immediately from that situation! 

    I'm sorry your health insurance is why you decided to leave therapy. I would encourage you (since you've reportedly had success with IFS) to try to find someone who is certified in hypnotherapy.  That may be an alternative option for you.... If you are looking for coping skills to get through for the time being, you might check out a book from the library called, "Seeking Safety" by Lisa Najavits.  It's all about finding effective coping skills when living with post traumatic stress issues. I would encourage you to check out the section which talks about keeping safe.... it lists a tons of 'safe coping skills' which most people (myself included) have never even thought of.

    I hope this has been of use to you.

    Jenn Bovee, LCSW, CRADC

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