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Learn About Ibogaine

  • anonymous Asks ...

    Do you think ibogaine is a good option for a heroin addict? My brother has tried detox and he has tried methadone and he always goes back to heroin after not very long. I feel that he is treating the symptoms of his problems and not his problems with all this drug use and that maybe if he tried something like ibogaine he would gain some information about why he needs to use drugs and maybe gain some health and closure. He says he is willing to try something new and that he is desperate to get out of the lifestyle he has right now. I am willing to pay for his treatment and in doing some research I have found that some of the Ibogaine clinics in Canada and the Caribbean are more affordable than a lot of regular rehabs here at home. I know there are some risks involved but he is hardly living a risk free life right now either. I would like to get some feedback from any experts in the addiction treatment field about whether or not, at the very general and non individual level, this is a good idea.

  • Lita Perna Says ...
    Lita Perna

    I think Ibogaine is worth researching.  There is much information on the web.

    You can also check out the two sites ---with attached videos--- where I have written about it. I wrote these a while back so you'll need to check for updated information.

    I cannot tell you if Ibogaine is a good choice for your brother. All I can do is direct you and your brother to find out as much information as you can.



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