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Meth Addiction and Treatment

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    I am an HIV positive meth user. I know that I cannot get off this drug on my own and I am preparing to enter into some sort of residential program. As a general rule, I prefer not to tell people that I am HIV positive because I find that it just causes unnecessary distractions from any given interaction. Is there any compelling reason why I should inform the treatment center staff of my HIV status? I have come to terms with my disease and I do not need to rehash all of that, I would prefer to concentrate on overcoming this b*tch of an addiction to meth.

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    Kelly Miller

    You are working on a meth addiction and that is tough to do. There is an old saying that we are only as sick as our secrets and sometimes it is OK to just be who you are with all of the circumstances that comes with your life. I have worked in many facilities and as a counselor I have always left it up to the client to decide what they want to put out there. I have also seen clients that divulge and others that have kept some things to them self.

    Whatever you decide to do just remember to be open and do the work you need to do to move on from the life of meth. Being open to working on you and the reason that you turn to meth is something for you to discover while in treatment. Once you have discovered this you can then begin to build yourself up and learn that you are deserving of a life full of peace and recovery.


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