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Meds in Rehab?

  • medici Asks ...

    Will I have to stop taking my anti depressants in drug rehab? I called one place up and they said that the only way to break free from addiction is to get rid of my dependence on all the substances I am taking, including medications. They said that you can’t beat a drug addiction by taking more drugs. It kind of makes sense I guess, but the thought of dropping off the meds makes me pretty scared because I I’ve only been on them for about a half year or so and before the meds I was in a very dark place. I wouldn’t even have been thinking about rehab back then the way I was feeling. My biggest problems right now are with drinking and cocaine.

  • Dr. David Sack Says ...
    Dr. David Sack

    Many people with severe depression go on to abuse drugs and alcohol as a way of blunting those negative feelings. Antidepressants can be helpful and effective in treating symptoms of depression in people who have also become drug dependent, so long as they stop abusing other drugs. All of the antidepressants have been extensively studied and there is no evidence that any of them will lead to drug abuse or dependency or will be used recreationally by people who gain access to them.

    If someone has not been treated for depression before, but has developed feelings of discouragement of despondency during a period of chronic drug use, it may be preferable to hold off starting an antidepressant until the person has had a period where they are drug free, as many of these symptoms go away when a person stops abusing.

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