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Clary Sage for Depression?

  • anonymous Asks ...

    Do you know if aromatherapy can be a treatment for depression? A colleague at work is very into alternative health and when I confided in her about my dysthymia she said that clary sage in aromatherapy was a very effective treatment without any negative side effects. Is this factual? I am a bit skeptical...

  • Rachel Starck Says ...
    Rachel Starck

    I am not aware of the long term effectiveness of aromatherapy for depression.  Clary sage will not harm you and if it uplifts your spirits, then go for it.  There are many alternative interventions to treating depression including socializing more, engaging in activities you enjoy, exercise, getting more sleep, cutting down on sugar and alcohol intake, experimenting with food allergies and changing your thought patterns.  If you are suffering a major depressive episode that does not seem to be repsonding to the above treatments, I would seek a cognitive behavioral therapist and possibly medication in conjuction with therapy. 

    Best wishes,

    Rachel Starck, LPC


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