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  • Danielle Hill Asks ...
    Danielle Hill

    Helloe Ive read the page about depression but Im not sure this facility treats it. Im looking for something in Orange country to treat my severe panic disorder and depression. It s gotten so bad that ive turn to prescription drugs and alcdhohol to try and stop the noise in my head. a couple weeks ago i took two ml of morphine an a handfull of ativan. . Im still here but I dont feel anybetter,
    Danielle Hill

  • Dr. Lani Chin Says ...
    Dr. Lani Chin

    Thanks for your post.  It sounds like you're going through a tough time.  Given your drug/alcohol use, I would highly recommend that you immediately find a mental health professional to help you.  If you google psychologist or therapist and your zip code, you will find some someone local that can help you.

    Again, I would strongly recommend you find someone today to help you.  If you cannot find someone using google, you could also go to your nearest emergency room or hospital to get some help.  Your use of drugs and alcohol is very dangerous and you need to get help immediately.

    Good luck.

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