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Depression Makes Growing Up Even Tougher - Ask for Help!

  • zaylahn Asks ...

    Okay well I'm 13 and have been really depressed lately...I've been self-harming for about 3 years and I've tried pukeing after I eat...well my cutting has been getting worse and I've been thinking about suicide even more now...I even cut straight down my arm,deep, and a deep one horizontal on the top if my wrist also I haven't been doing a lot lately...just luring on my bed watching netflix...I didn't even go to the dance yesterday...I've taken a lot of tests on the computer and they all say I might have serve depression...should I tell my mom?? And if so how?

  • Jim LaPierre Says ...
    Jim LaPierre

    Hey - thanks for your question. I'm really glad you reached out! The short answer is - hell yes, talk to your mom immediately. If you're not sure where to start or what to say, tell her exactly what you told me and tell her I said you absolutely need support. If you find you just can't bring yourself to say the words, show her this post or print it out and give it to her. I'm sure she wants to know and help you through this.

    Growing up is one of the hardest things a human being goes through in their lifetime. It sucks and anyone who tells you otherwise is out of touch with what it's like to be 13 in today's world.

    Your cutting is an attempt to let go - to have control - and to deal with your feelings. It may be a short term release but it'll hurt more and more as you go. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Please know that it gets better - I swear it does. (I struggled through my childhood and teen years and 13 was the worst).

    Please write me again and let me know how you're doing. If I can be helpful, ask anything you need to know.

    Hang in there - it really does get better - talk to mom - talk to your teachers - talk to anyone who cares about you - but do it right away!



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