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The Meaning of Dreams

  • anonymous Asks ...

    Is dream interpretation important? Sometimes I feel like there are hidden messages in my dreams. Some other times I think that this is ridiculous. Should I pay attention to my dreams?

  • Raffi Bilek Says ...
    Raffi Bilek

    From a psychological standpoint, dreams are a product of the goings-on in your unconscious mind that reflect what you are thinking about deep down. You can find therapists who will help you understand what they are about and how they are affecting what's going on inside you.  Sometimes they can help illuminate the source of your feelings or behaviors that you might otherwise not understand. However, I would caution you from trying to find premonitions or hidden messages in dreams.  They are not a reliable source of information about the future or about choices you should make.

    You may also want to consider consulting someone in your faith tradition who can give you a different perspective on this.

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