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Dealing with Memories that Impact Your Life

  • anonymous Asks ...

    I think something happened to me when I was a at a summer camp when I was a very young kid. I have these weird dreams about it all the time and I feel like I am repressing some sort of terrible event. I feel like this event that I don’t even remember is affecting me today and is making me into a suspicious and paranoid person when what I really want is to be able to embrace life. I want to move past this whatever it is and I am ready to face it. Is hypnosis the best way to deal with this? Is there much of a risk of false memories? Is there a better way than hypnosis?

  • Loren Gelberg-Goff Says ...
    Loren  Gelberg-Goff

    Great question... I'm sorry that you are feeling that something you can't quite put your finger on is interfering in your life.  Hypnotherapy is a very powerful and worthwhile therapeutic intervention to help learn what it is that is getting in your way.  It is important that you establish a good rapport with your therapist prior to having a hypnotherapy session because a big part of hypnotherapy is about trust.  The therapist should not be the one to "suggest" a memory, but rather you can discuss the issues that are coming up for you and what it is that you feel is lurking in the background.  Hypnotherapy would be what I would recommend to uncover the memory that seems to be haunting you... A good place to seek a qualified hypnotherapist would be through the Wellness Institute.  They provide training for heart-centered hypnotherapy which is a very supportive and compassionate modality, and the practitioners have a reputation of operating with a great deal of integrity.  I hope that this is helpful to you.  Please let me know if you need any additional information or input.  All the best, Loren (www.beingwellwithin.com)

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