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Cooling your anger

  • anonymous Asks ...

    What's better for anger management, yoga or meditation? I have to get control of my temper but I am not really the kind of guy who would normally do either activity so I am kind of lost. Someone at HR suggested that I try one after I lost it at a subordinate this week.

  • Linda Richardson Says ...
    Linda Richardson

    Both of these ideas, yoga and/or meditation, can be beneficial for finding internal states of calm, peace, and relaxation. However when anger is effecting your daily activities such as work, and there is HR involvement, you may need additional help for dealing with your anger in a healthy manner. My recommendation is that you seek counseling, anger management classes, and/or a relevant support group in your area to address your anger. These will provide you with options and information that may give you relatively quick relief and self-control; which will also provide the calm, peace, and relaxation you could be looking for. Best of luck.

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