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May be more than just the doldrums

  • anonymous Asks ...

    I feel like I haven’t really cared about anything or anyone for a long time. I didn’t always used to feel this way and I am tired of feeling so dead inside. I think I’d rather feel bad than feel nothing. How do I stop feeling so detached from the world?

  • Ken Sneed Says ...
    Ken Sneed

    It sound like you would be doing yourself a big favor by making an appointment with a mental health counselor, social worker or psychologist.  General malaise and apathy to life can be a sign of a serious problem. 

    Also, a visit with your primary care physician for a general physical check up would be beneficial.  Some medical conditions can result in less than pleasant emotional feelings.

    Taking good care of yourself with appropriate relaxation and leisure activities is an important part of life and our emotional health.

    Wherever you begin, get started soon!

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