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  • anonymous Asks ...

    as salamu alaikum mam,
    myself mahhum. i am pcb student , i had psychology as an optional subject and got 85% in 12 std. since 2 years i was preparing for neet but the exam didn't go well. presently no chances for getting any medical college. so in order to pursue my career as a college lecturer or a university professor since i don't wish to teach at school level. what should i do ? from which subject i must do my , and phd. if possible i would like to work as a scientist in this field. please i need your help as my career is at stakes because my last 2 years got wasted .hope you guide me thanks.

  • Halima Sadiya Says ...
    Halima Sadiya

    Walaikumassalaam mahhum..

    may Allah bless you

    Many students go through similar phases... I guide student on the basis of their interest, skill, aptitude,personality etc. Only then a student Will be able to make a informed choice....aptitude implies  your inherent inclination towards a particular area of find it easier to understand and learn in comparison to other subjects.....

    you can go ahead with any of the subject you kept in your 12th class.......which you find easiest and interested.For Research scientist or college level teaching you need to clear your Net/jrf exams after MA...more on calls.....9773986975......discussion will help to clear confusion better....all the best....


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