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Angry Son

  • sonny44888911 Asks ...

    My name is Stephen Nelson and I have a son who is moody and has a horrible, horrible temper. He denies this. I am just wondering what this could indicate..

  • David Johnson Says ...
    David  Johnson

    Thanks for your question, but I need a lot more information to answer you. Anger and or moodiness could mean many different things in difference ages and contexts. How old is your son? Give examples of his moody behavior and his angry outbursts. Tell me about what you have done to attempt to teach him another way to express his anger. Tell me your story about your son, his moodiness and his anger. What else is going on in the way of stress or unusual events in his life?

    Did you try to ask another question? I found this one that looks a lot like your question: "Hello,
    My son has a temper. What could that indicate? He is also moody. Thanks..."

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