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Opening a Sober Living House

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    Dear Anna,

    I'm writing this letter on behalf of my client who is in process of opening up a profit Sober Living Home in NJ or PA. The client is intending to seek legal help on matters relating to:

    1. Opening up of a Sober Living Home
    2. Real Estate Law and local laws to confirm while setting up a Sober Living Homes
    3. Finding possibility to route inmates who are sentenced to live in Sober Living homes by courts (that may include registering with State/ courts)
    4. Brand promotion on internet/ social media/ print media to get more cases from other living homes.

    This is a tentative list and that may include changes as we go forward.
    If that is your area of expertise and if that interests you, it will be great if you give your consent to be our client's legal help for all/ partial points discussed above.

    I'm keeping this letter brief to save your time but the content must have made enough declaration to clarify things about our requirements.

    Please do forward me any questions, if you have.
    Going forward, if you give your consent, we'll forward your contact information to our client to take the things to next level.

    Yours sincerely,
    Kapil Mishra
    [email protected]

  • Anna Deeds Says ...
    Anna Deeds

    Thank you for your question! I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor, not a lawyer so I cannot give legal advice. I've never opened a Sober Living House but I have researched it and could possibly give some advice. I also have a friend who has opened one in my town. The area that you mentioned that I do have some expertise on is building a presence on social media. My contact information is available on my profile page so you can contact me and I will give you what information I have. I hope your client is able to open the house as many more are needed for addicts in recovery. Please feel free to contact me and I'll help as I am able. 

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