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Melatonin Beats Vitamin C for Sleep

  • anonymous Asks ...

    Is tart cherry juice a good idea for sleeping problems with marijuana withdrawal or is it better to just order natural melatonin?

  • Dr. Mark Abrahams Says ...
    Dr.  Mark Abrahams

    I don't know what the nature is exactly of your sleeping problems, other than you're going through a period of not using cannabis. Since I'm not a medical practitioner, I can't suggest to you what to try, but I can tell you that 1 mg of Melatonin works for me. All brands are not created equal, so if you try it, choose a recommended brand. Tablets work more quickly for me if chewed, but the capsules really keep me asleep, but make me groggy in the morning (I need a shower to wake myself up).

    I've used Valerian capsules in the past, and even Passion Flower (although, when smoked like cannabis, it will not work until one's body is clean of THC. I haven't used cannabis in decades, but I've smoked Passion Flower with cannabis users and it seems that their synapses are being monopolized by the THC). Passion Flower tea is supposed to work. So does L-Tryptaphan, or a precursor, 5-HTP. Be sure to check this info with your physician for any potential negative interactions in your particular profile.

    I've never heard of cherry juice for sleep. Vitamin C and fructose sugar comes to mind, but best wishes if you're trying to get free of any habit, cannabis included..

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