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Amino Acids Can Help Various Symptoms, But Be Advised...

  • anonymous Asks ...

    What do you think about the supplement NAC to help me deal with cocaine and crack coaine cravings? I have ADHD do you think that the NAC will help with that also or make it worse? I am going to NA meetings but they are only helping a little bit I still have a hard time and I have relapsed a lot.

  • Dr. Mark Abrahams Says ...
    Dr.  Mark Abrahams

    Amino acids may be available without a prescription, but they can have serious side effects. For example, if someone has the Herpes simplex virus, L-Argenine can induce a herpes attack. On the other hand, if one takes L-Lysine, one can prevent that same herpes attack. "NAC" or N-Acetyl Cysteine derives from L-Cysteine, which, as I understand it, should be taken with three times the amount of Vitamin C, or else the L-Cysteine can develop into kidney stones! I do not know if this is a danger with the N-Acetyl form, but I advise you to find out before you embark on any self-experimentation!

    Now, I am not a medical practitioner, nutritionist, or dietitian, so I am not really authorized to give you suggestions on supplements. Since I myself do experiment with supplements, I will suggest that you do thorough research on this or any other supplement, and consult with a trained medical professional who is both well-versed in supplementation and sympathetic to their use. Many, if not most physicians that I have encountered are not in favor of laypeople experimenting with supplements, if only because many supplements are not stringently monitored for purity. I have personally experienced this with Niacin. The amount per capsule seemed to vary widely from bottle to bottle, which was immediately apparent because of the symptoms of high-dose Niacin. 

    I do not have any personal experience, or anecdotal experience with this particular amino acid, but if you decide to try this, be sure to obtain a pharmaceutical grade product. It will cost more, but you'll be getting what you pay for. Best wishes on your recovery.


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