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Getting off Opiates

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    I am seriously considering doing iboga instead of getting back on Suboxone this time. I hear a lot of good things but I am little bit worried because everything good I read about the treatment seems to be written by someone who stands to make money by providing the drug and everything bad seems to be written by sources that are obviously prejudiced against anything other than the pharmaceutical industry brainwashed mainstream bull. It’s a lot of money but if it works it would be worth it for sure. So do you have any information on whether or not it’s a good thing to do to get off opiates?

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    Kelly Miller

    I wish I could help you with this. I have not heard much about this new drug. I have seen many detox off of suboxone and it is as bad a detox as the opiate they were trying to get off of in the first place.

    Do your research and find out what the withdrawl symptoms are, understand the risk of getting on another drug to get off of another. I have a tendency to support holistic ways. Which means that mind, body and sould work together. So making sure you have taken care of your self through the food you eat and yoga, swimming, walking etc. taking care of your mind reading, writing, doing things that promote a healthy mindset and the for your soul to take care of your internal emotions by meditation, talking to a counselor or someone you connect with.

    This takes much more work but can be a lifestyle change that can create all around wellness.

    Thank you for your question it is something I will be doing more research on so I can better help those I work with.


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