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Doing the Right Thing

  • anonymous Asks ...

    My daughter is considering having an abortion. I am trying to tell convince her not to but I am not getting through to her. Should she talk to a counselor before making her decision so she can weigh the real costs of going through with it? I am so scared for her that she is going to have to live with this forever. She is 19 and she is not ready to be a mom she says but I am willing to raise the baby for her or she could always do adoption. How can I help her to do what’s right without pushing her too hard because she is having a very hard time right now.

  • William Carlos Jr. Says ...
    William Carlos Jr.

    Hello, When we try to convince our children to whats right we often meet with rejection and despair. If you can convince her to seek the guidance of a non bias professional, it would serve her best. Making a decision that will affect her the rest of her life is worth taking a few hours to help see it clearly. We have trained professionals that work in this area. Give us a call if we can be of further assistance.

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