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Making Amends Critical for Addictions

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    Over the past year I have probably stolen almost ten thousand dollars from my dad’s company. I have a gambling problem that I am trying to get under control. I feel so terrible because the company isn’t doing that well and they just had to let one of the cleaners go to cut corners. The guy was a new immigrant with 2 kids and I know he is going to have a hard time finding work elsewhere in this economy. Maybe if I hadn’t taken that money he’d still have a job. I swear I am never going to steal again and I am working hard to pay back what I took. No one will ever have to know.

    Do I have to admit to my dad what I did? I know that I am supposed to make amends for the wrongs I have done but I know that it would hurt him a lot to know that I have been betraying him like this. What is the right thing to do?

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    Ken Sneed

    I know it will be difficult, scary, embarrassing, and just downright difficult, but making amends and restitution are critical aspects of recovering from any addiction.  Without addressing this step in recovery, it allows for irresponsibility, a big factor in the cause of the addiction. Getting assistance to deal with this problem is  critical.  Very few people actually kick an addiction without guidance and support.  Get involved in Gambler's Anonymous.  You can get the number for that organization in the phone book, or by calling Alcoholics Anonymous. 

    Please, do yourself and your family a favor and admit to yourself, them and a support group that it is out of control and you need their help.  Deal with any consequences of being irresponsible, and get the monkey off of your back!


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